Tuesday, July 13, 2010

well, hello there

my last blog post was march 31st... and now it's july 13th. yikes! it has been waaaaaaay too long since i have blogged. so, i need something easy to get my feet wet, and get the ball rolling. you may hate my posts with lists, but i love them, so... here goes.

recent jams:
1. goodwill treasure hunts

2. 2 mile jogs

3. shake-it polaroids

4. cherries (lots and lots and lots of them)

5. wedge sandals

6. hanging out at the cheeks' new house (you can sit real big there)

7. zumba!

8. shows at the bishop

9. homemade jean shorts

10. twilight movies (please, don't tell anyone)

11. staying up late

12. vintage dresses

13. lean cuisines (only the good ones, with a little salt)

14. new h&w songs

15. getting my suntan on

16. fashion blogs (namely, kansas couture-- you should check it out)

17. dark dark dark's elephant micah cover

18. new kittens

19. national geographic articles

(i usually don't like to make a list with an uneven number, but i really can't think of something for #20)

man, i hope this list doesn't make me sound super lame. i was just scanning over it and wondering what i would think of a girl who posted this list... hopefully it would be something good. but, who knows. i mean, i really do like all of these things, so i guess there is nothing i can do about. anyway...

until next time (and my next list that you will love). make good choices.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

recent jams

in no particular order...

1. indian food!!
2. beach body insanity work-outs
3. my sweet new iphone
4. shake-it photo (sweet iphone app)
5. almonds
6. the spaces function on my mac
7. keeping everything single thing that i might need during the day in the back seat of my car...
8. instant movies on netflix
9. antique shopping
10. weekend breakfasts
11. old husband&wife cds
12. google reader


Friday, March 5, 2010

another weekend update (with some brief complaining about my weekday schedule)

12 hour days are killer. especially when you have to do them 5 days a week. ok...so i will admit, sometimes they are 10 or 11 hour days, but still, alternating between 10, 11 and 12 hour days 5 days a week is pretty rough. all i want is to go to work for just 8 hours and come home when it is still light outside.

enough complaining. onto better and brighter things.

i want to write a really long post about another awesome weekend that i had, but i just did that. so i will just briefly summarize the good times i had last weekend (because weekends are the only things i have to blog about these days).

friday-- birthday party for timothy felton at finch's brasserie. ice cream at hartzell's (jiffy treat under a new name).

saturday-- MAPLE SYRUP FEST!! (for which i wore 14 articles of clothing to keep warm, ate 2 pork chops, and hit a log with a hatchet ) and then pizza and a star wars movie marathon

sunday-- church, KFC extra crispy chicken, and a matinee movie (valentine's day)

i did promise some blogs with sweet pics and i want to deliver. the only problem is, my camera is broken. so, i stole these pics from jennie orr's blog.

here i am at the maple syrup fest, eating some of annie's waffles, AFTER i had already eaten my pork chop dinner (with 2 chops).

and here i am after my hatchet throw victory, rubbing it in all of my friends' faces.

hopefully more fun things will happen this weekend that i can blog about. and hopefully someone will take some good pictures, so i can steal them for my blog.


p.s. thanks for the sweet pics, jennie!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


1. work on writing shorter blogs

2. post blogs with more sweet pics

this weekend was such a blast!

i haven't had a weekend this jam-packed and this much fun in a while. it was just one fun thing after another.

on friday night, me, michael, annie and jared went to maggie paino's 25th birthday karaoke party at the office lounge. we ate some fried snacks, had some drinks, and become best buds with the lady running karaoke. we bonded over swear words and standing on chairs. we also talked about awesome karaoke songs we could sing, but actually had to leave before we got a chance to sing any of them, but that's ok. oh and, maggie made us cookie treat bags for coming to her party!

after the bday party, annie and i headed over to pour house so she could do a quick acoustic set with rodeo. they dedicated a song to me.

after that, we headed over to a college party house for a prayer breakfast basement show. it was a total raging party! and prayer breakfast played a really good, fun set. we chanted GTL (gym, tan, laundry) and pretzel rods (like the kind you eat). but, i did forget to wear my slutty-hipster-party clothes.

on saturday, annie, jennie, and i went to bedford to go thrifting, antique-ing, kmart-ing, and jcpenny-ing. it was so great. the kmart and jcpenny were kind of a let down (and their casa brava has vengeful waiters), but i think overall, bedford is a pretty underrated town. they have some pretty great antique/thrift stores and really nice houses that are super affordable (who wants to move to bedford??). we went to aunt kate's, where annie got a nice trunk, then to the elegant lady, and then to bufford's emporium, where i got a pitcher and wash basin (that i absolutely do not need) for only $10!

in between our daytime activities and night time partying, annie and i started watching love actually. say what you will, but i really enjoy that movie.

saturday night me, annie, dave and jennie headed over to the pine room tavern in nashville to see the best cover band ever. the pine room tavern is awesome. i definitely wouldn't mind going back sometime soon. it has a very nice ambiance, good food, and great tunes. oh, and it also had some other great forms of entertainment... namely drunk 40 year-old ladies.

and finally, on sunday, i got to hang-out with carrie and colleen in indy, with our good friend alyssa. it was so great to see her! i do wish we could have seen her under better circumstances (her dad is at the IU med center), but it was great nonetheless. we ate some good grub at au bon pain, laughed, and caught up.

man, what a GREAT weekend. good friends, good food, good times!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

this post is brought to you in part by nathan vollmar...

...inspiring bloggers all over the bloomington area (fist pump).

the other night, i was gchatting (chatting on gmail, hence gchatting. i know that some people really hate the term "gchatting", but i just love it. so, i am going to use it as many times as possible in this post) with my good friend nathan. i was gchatting it up with him just to say hey and to comment on his visibility (and to say "i wanna get visible, visible", but i didn't quite get around to it). while we were gchatting, he really gave me the business and told me how it was. he said "you need to update your blog. you are falling behind!" and i replied with "but my life has been so lame lately" and he said "it really has. but, that will change once you update your blog."

other friends had mentioned that i was in the midst of a blog slump, but that nathan vollmar, he is just such a straight shooter that i just had to listen and heed his advice.

so, that is exactly what i am doing. pulling myself out of this slump, one blog at a time. and hopefully adding a little excitement to my life while i'm at it.

i don't have a ton to say (well, i guess that's not true. i can say a whole lot about nothing. see above.) due to my repetitive existence lately-- work, practicum, homework, say hello to michael, eat, sleep, repeat. but, i did get an awesome snowday on monday, so i will tell you all of the awesome things i did.

- had lunch at bucceto's with michael, frank, and scott
- bought new boots at wal-marts
- saw sherlock holmes with michael and zack
- went to gaby's birthday party with michael, frank, zack, and scott
- bought a new dvd player at best buy with michael, frank, zack, and scott
(tried to convince boys to stop by annie & jared's for some fun, but they were complaining of headaches and diarrhea. babies.)
- gchatted with megan, soos, and nathan and was inspired to write this blog

ah, snowdays. i wish i could have more of them, but unfortunately, i work for an establishment that has a moral obligation to be open for business, no matter what the circumstances.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

a few tidbits...

1. first 12 hr work/practicum day = completed, not quite as bad as i thought it would be, and slightly more fun than i had anticipated

2. i FINALLY got a hair cut today and can now stop pinning my bangs back (and looking like a white trash teenager, as michael would say). while i was getting my hair cut, i got to sit in a recliner and put my feet up while they washed my hair. they also put my coat on for me before i left. apparently, $40 can buy you everything you could ever want.

3. i had every intention of writing a whole blog devoted to my new love of buying socks, but then opted not to for multiple reasons. first, who writes a blog about socks?? and second, i really wanted to include a picture of the socks that i had bought, but my camera is broken and the socks were not pictured on the GAP website. but... i have to share a little. i just can't buy enough socks lately! i especially love the deal at the GAP where you get 3 pairs for $15. it's probably not the cheapest deal out there, but i really love their socks. (ok, i guess i am a person who blogs about socks)

4. i really like calling my sister stephanie just "sister". i did that today when i talked to her on the phone. i said "hello, sister." and then there were more things said after that.

5. i just realized that every blog i have written has ended with "ok, something, something, something." so, in keeping with this well established blog theme of mine...

...ok, i better get back to work. maybe 8pm will come more quickly if i actually do some work.


p.s. come over and see my new IKEA bookshelf. it will make your day.